room-with-a-viewMay 8 – June 20, 2015

Site-specific paintings by Florida artists highlight the Thomas Center’s open-space Mezzanine Gallery and the changing cloudscape and luminosity of the arching glass ceiling over the Spanish Court.

ROOM WITH A VIEW showcases the work of 9 artists inspired by time spent beneath the open Florida sky.

Spectacularly large paintings, both abstract and representational, encircle the Mezzanine Gallery. The glass canopy above illuminates the work in the natural light that sparked its creation. The constantly shifting luminosity moves from bright and warm to stormy and inky, from early morning pink to late afternoon golden – and combines with the perspective across the open space of the Spanish Court below to dazzling effect.

The architectural feature of the glass canopy over the Spanish Court was first installed by Major Thomas in 1928 and transformed the open courtyard of the residence into a formal dining space for the newly transitioned hotel.

ROOM FOR REFLECTION – Photographs by Jan Zamojski is a body of single-exposure photographs capturing the reflected play of light on glass through both the camera lens and the sensitive eye of the artist.

Looking at, through, and beyond the surfaces of places and objects, ROOM FOR REFLECTION offers the viewer a different glimpse of the world and its layered possibilities.

The exhibit is this emerging artist’s second solo exhibit, and is proudly presented by the Thomas Center Galleries in the Mary F. Prosen Room exhibition space.

Anne E. Gilroy, Thomas Center Galleries Curator