June 26-Sept. 19, 2015

Another expansive Thomas Center Galleries exhibit — a broad range of art inspired by the beast as muse to the artist.

BEAUTY & THE BEASTS invites the viewer to explore a menagerie of images inspired by the artist’s curiosity and connection to the birds and animals of land, sea and air.

BEAUTY & THE BEASTS considers and celebrates that we share our existence in the natural world with creatures from the fearsome to the friendly. The images of over 40 artists who find their Muse in the other members of the animal kingdom are showcased in this expansive exhibit.

Clay, wood, paint, graphite, ink, markers, pencils, collage, and mixed media are some of the tools our exhibition artists employ – methods are as varied as the artists themselves and the creatures they portray. We are especially happy that the exhibition of drawings, paintings, and sculptures includes work by emerging and established artists from both near and far.

Anne E. Gilroy, Thomas Center Galleries Curator

Opening Reception