ANIMA UNVEILED The Self by Emanuel Torres Pérez

anima-unveiled Jan. 15 – Mar. 15, 2016

A solo exhibit of introspective and conceptual self-portraiture by a contemporary, award-winning, young Puerto Rican artist. Multi-media drawings, paintings and prints.

Anima Unveiled: The Self by Emanuel Torres Pérez is a shape-shifter exhibition.

Emanuel Torres Pérez knocks on the door like a colorfully costumed mummer concealing both tricks and treats in his bag. In disguise as a festive riot of color and imagery, his work discloses a solemn, introspective look at powerful and ambiguous formative experiences.

The viewer should not confuse the artist’s device of utilizing a child’s naïve frame of reference with childish art. Like a master puppeteer, Torres intentionally deploys his cast of symbolic characters – the child, the fox, the boat, the grenade, the plant – in multifarious and layered scenarios as he stages his tale.

Anima Unveiled invites the viewer backstage, behind the masks and the costumes, for an intimate meeting with the artist.

Anne E. Gilroy, Thomas Center Galleries Curator